Name Course Date
Hänsworth Wentworth 2022-12-08
BusyBeacon Beacon Woods 2022-12-07
Wendy's Wentworth 2022-12-06
Timber Bomb Timber Greens 2022-12-05
No more Mr. Nice Guy Beacon Woods 2022-12-04
Mandate of Big Stick GlenLakes 2022-12-03
Genius Gail Brooksville CC 2022-12-02
Bomba's Comeback Fox Hollow 2022-12-01
Fishing for Hope Seven Springs Golf and Country Club 2022-11-29
Orgelfest Wentworth 2022-11-28
Rusty Croissants Crescent Oaks 2022-11-27
God's Gift Hernando Oaks 2022-11-26
Cold Turkey GlenLakes 2022-11-25
Hope Giving Meadow Oaks Golf Club 2022-11-24
Hope gone Westchase GC 2022-11-22
Plantation Paige Plantation Palms 2022-11-21
Hudsonmeadow Meadow Oaks Golf Club 2022-11-19
Dr pepper Gleidingen Rot-Blau 2022-10-31
Kirschenstock Golfclub Weserbergland 2022-10-23
Geiselwend Steigerwald 2022-09-26
Reichmanns Horror Schloss Reichmannsdorf 2022-09-25
Kitzingen Kickoff Golfclub Kitzingen 2022-09-24
Windy Bird Gleidingen Blau-Grün 2022-09-17
Cartman Golfclub Weserbergland 2022-09-11
RPR Erlebsnistag Rethmar 2022-09-04